Welcome to Martinique, French Caribbean!

Martiniquehastwo aliases: the old Arawak name is "Madinina" which means"island of flowers". The other is "tropical France".

Both these names are absolutely correct. In Martinique you'll find an abundance of tropical greenery, both in exquisitely maintained flower gardens and in the tropical rainforest.

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Martinique is an overseas territory of France, which means it is completely like a French province, with a French atmosphere. The differences are of course the climate and the people. If you like your croissant and caf?au lait in the morning, your three course lunch with one or two glasses of wine, your gourmet dinner in the evening, this is the place to be! And you are enjoying all that in the tropical climate.

The best of two worlds combined in one island!

Martinique geographical: From the 4500 ft volcano "Montagne Pel?" in the North of the island Martinique gradually slopes down to gentle rolling hills in the South called "mornes". The best beaches with tranquil waters are found at the Southern part of the island, more exciting beaches are found at the windward side. Great hiking can be done in the North, the most challenging of which is the climbing of Pel?.

The main city of Martinique is Fort de France, this is an excellent place do do some shopping, enjoy an excellent lunch at a very affordable price and just watch people for a while before going back to your hotel.

History: Apartrum tasting in martinique from some brief spells of Dutch, English and French occupation, Martinique has been under French government. When sugarcane growing and processing became a major industry (it still is by the way) people from Africa were brought in to fulfill the labor demand. As a result you will see the beautiful population of Martinique having skin colors ranging from ebony to white and everything in between. Martinique rum is so special that it even has an appellation control? of its own, come and try it!

A major event was the eruption ofMount Pel? in 1902. St. Pierre, in that time the main city of Martinique with a deep water harbour was completely destroyed in a matter of hours. Everybody died except one person: he was in the thick walled prison and got away with burns. The volcano is dormant at the moment and St. Pierre is definitely worth a visit!

Travel tip: Combine your stay in Martinique with a cruise through the Grenadines on one of our crewed charter yachts!

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