Welcome to Barbados!

Barbados isthe most easterly island of the Caribbean. Unlike most of the other islands,Barbados is non volcanic. Hence it is relatively flat, with the highestelevation only a 1000 feet.

With 97 kilometers of coastline, Barbados has beaches to suit everybody: fromthe calm leeward coast to the windy windsurfing paradise at the South coast.

The first Europeansettlers to arrive were Portuguese, who gave the island the name "LosBarbados", (the bearded ones), after a fir tree that still can be found onthe island.

In the 1600's the English arrived and started a lucrative agriculturalproduction mainly of sugarcane. To work the fields they imported slaves fromAfrica until slavery was abolished in 1834.

A nickname ofBarbados is "Little England". As the island is one of the few in theCaribbean that has been solely an English colony, there has been no destructionby other nations of British buildings.
The population has also maintained a lot of the English character, albeit mixedwith African influences. Popular are cricket, horse racing, golfing and last butnot least afternoon tea!

Barbados is servedby major Airlines from the USA, Canada and Europe, making it an ideal gateway tothe Grenadines. 

map of barbados

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