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-Charterprice is US$  for nights,  days,  persons

Includedin the charter price is use of yacht equipment, fuel, and most meals. Excludedare bar, one lunch and one dinner ashore, taxes, clearance fees, gratuities andharbour fees.

-Delivery: The Owner agrees to deliver the yacht atthe port of boarding in full commission and in proper working order, outfittedas a yacht of her size, type and accommodations, with full equipment, inclusiveof that required by law, and fully furnished, including galley and diningutensils and linens and blankets; staunch and clean and in good conditionthroughout and ready for service; and agrees to allow demurrage pro rata to theCharterer for any delay in delivery, unless caused by Force Majeure.  But should it be impossible for the Owner tomake delivery as stipulated through causes beyond his control and should suchdelivery not be made 24 hours thereafter, then this agreement may be canceledby the Charterer and any charter money paid in advance shall be returned to himwithout further liability to the Owner, shall be prorated by agreement and thebroker shall retain full commission.

- Force Majeure is defined as any cause attributedto acts of God, accidents, natural disaster, weather or other occurrencesbeyond the reasonable control of the owner, and not caused by the owners’negligence. No warranty is made as to the suitability of weather with respectto this charter. If a named storm threatens or is forecast to threaten theexpected location of the Charter Yacht, as determined by the Captain at his/hersole discretion, the Captain shall have the option of terminating or cancellingthe charter at any time that he/she deems necessary. No refund is provided forcancellation due to weather.

-Disclaimer:neither the vessel nor its owner or crew are liablefor any bodily injury arising from whatever cause. Neither are they liable fordamage or theft or loss of property of charterer.

-Responsibility:the captain has responsibility for the safe navigation of the yacht and thecharterer shall abide by his judgment as to sailing, weather and pertinentmatters.

-Breakdown;if the yacht suffers breakdown that cannot be repaired within 24 hourscharterer may cancel remaining charter time. Monies will be refunded.

-Booking:the yacht is booked by completing the charter agreement forms and sending themback to the yacht or its broker. When the charterer has received confirmationof the booking from the yacht or its broker, 50% of the charter fee should betransferred to the account specified by the yacht or its broker. 15% of thecharter fee immediately becomes non-refundable as the brokers fee. The balanceof the charter fee should be received by the yacht or its broker 4 weeks beforeboarding.

-Cancellation:should the charterer cancel within 6 weeks before the charter the entiredeposit paid will be forfeited. Should the charterer cancel within 4 weeksbefore boarding the entire amount paid will be forfeited.

-Shouldthe yacht not be available-whatever the causesare-owner of the yacht is liable to offer an equivalent yacht for the samecharter period on the same place or monies will be refunded within 4 weeks.


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