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Fishing in the Grenadines

With a Sailing Yacht

With a sport fishing boat

Recently one of our local fishermen went out on a routine fishing trip to catch his daily 50 pounds of tuna. good fishing in BequiaThe waters around Bequia and the Grenadines  are great for deep sea fishing, nodoubt about that, but what happened to fisher back in BequiaFisher, yes that is his name, was extraordinary:

In his tiny 10 ft fishing boat, with as fishing tackle a 40 lb test line, plastic lure, no fishing rod or reel, he hooked a 400 lb Blue Marlin. The fight took 4 hours, after which the victorious Fisher had to resort to his mobile telephone to ask for assistance from a larger fishing boat. There was no way his little boat with 10 hp engine could tow the fish into the Bequia harbor!


If you are looking for a comfortable fishing vacation to our tropical islands we have the following suggestions: Greg (l) of fishing boat Crystal Blue


If you'd rather do daytrips and return toland accommodation in the evening we recommend the customized sportfishingpirogue "CrystalBlue"., fitted with everything you need for a usually highlysuccessful deep sea fishing trip.

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