Union Island, the Tahiti of the Caribbean


Welcome to Mayreau Island in the Southern Grenadines!

Mayreau is situated about 7 miles South of Canouan.
Mayreau has a population of only about 200 in the one village on the highest hill of the island.
Mayreau is the only island in the Grenadines that is predominantly Catholic. From the charming church on "Station Hill", the highest hill on the island one has a magnificent view over all the Southern Grenadines, including the clearly visible reefs of the Tobago Cays.
Mayreau church weddingAs Mayreau is only 3 miles from the Tobago Cays, which have no land accommodation, this is a great location for a "land and sea" vacation: Be land based on Mayreau and take excursions by sail or speedboat to the neighboring Southern Grenadines, none of which are more than 6 miles away.

Mayreau is a beach lovers paradise: in the north of Mayreau is Salt Whistle Bay, a perfect half moon beach, separating the Atlantic from the Caribbean side with a sand spit only 50 yards wide, fringed by palm trees.
The windward side of Mayreau is one huge deserted beach, you could spend days picnicking, sun bathing, and snorkeling in the underwaterworld of Mayreau Garden.

The southwestern,leeward beach is Saline Bay, nearly a mile of white sand with calm, clear water,ideal to bring your family! Overlooking Saline Bay is Dennis'guesthouse, bar and restaurant.
Diving around all of  Mayreau is fantastic, most dives are also suitable for beginners.
The island is close to Union with its small airport connecting it to Barbados, Carriacou, Grenada and Martinique. Because of that we usually suggest starting a crewed yacht charter in Bequia or St. Vincent and disembarking in Union Island or Mayreau. This way you get to see most of the Grenadines in a relatively short time.

History: After the original settlers, Indians from South America, the island has been in the possession of French settlers and plantation owners. They brought enslaved  people to the island, mostly from West Africa. When slavery was abolished, little materially changed for the population, people still relied on farming and fishing. As a result, a lot of men went to sea to work on freighters to support their families though tourism has some great potential.
Apparently the English were not too interested for a long time, so the island has remained in French Catholic possession.
Now, most of the island is still privately owned, Canadians are investing, apart from the village which is mostly government land.

Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau

SaltWhistle Bay Mayreau, east and west sandspit

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